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Capital ratting

Due to the recent hostilities by pirate factions, we are currently evaluating our policy on capital ratting, however at this time Capital ratting is still outlawed.

As part of our policy evaluation, we will be allowing Carrier ratting until 30th June 2016.

The results will then be evaluated.

Supercarrier, dreadnoughts and titans are still banned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join cva-diplo

Citadel deployment notice

The recent release of Citadel structures by the Upwell Consortium has led to some questions as to their status in Providence.

  • Citadels may only be deployed with permissions from a systems sovreignty holder:
    • L and XL Citadels may only be deployed by Providence holders in systems they maintain
    • M class Citadels may only be deployed with permission so please contact the sov holder of that system
    • provides an overview on who is managing what in the region.

If you are unaware of who to talk to join cva-diplo ingame channel and ask ahead of time.

Please note: Any unauthorized Citadel deployments will be removed by force if need be, this may also lead to you being set KOS.

CVA is recruiting

CVA Gold Logo
CVA is looking for dedicated corporations to join us.

We offer a casual environment with a well established infrastructure in Providence and an extensive list of hostiles to shoot at.

We are not looking for 1 man corporations and expect you to have an active corporation of mature players.

If you think you have something to offer or simply want a new challenge in EVE then please EVE-Mail:

Leo D’Green and xHjfx ingame for more information

Welcome to CVA Central!

Who are we?

The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), is an alliance based in Providence and lower Domain.
The alliance is loyal to the Amarr Empire, with their mission to provide security to the area of Domain that the Amarr Navy and CONCORD cannot, as well as extending the Empire into Providence.

In relation to other alliances, CVA is relatively small. This is, in part, due to its strict recruitment policies, which until mid-108 EST prohibited mixed race corporations from joining the alliance.
Although that restriction has now been relaxed, corporations wishing to join CVA have to demonstrate a long history of anti-piracy action in the Deliverance region as well as swear an oath of loyalty to the Amarr Empire.

One of CVA’s main goals is “Operation Deliverance”.