Contact CVA

The following people are listed as public contacts in CVA. Should you have diplomatic issues with particular pilots you are encouraged to contact their CEO first before proceeding to this list.
Please read carefully and do not go immediately to the highest contact or your response time may be significantly slowed.

Equinox Daedalus – Executor of CVA

xHjfx – Senior KOS Magistrate/Senior Diplomat/Standings Administration

Leo D’Green – Senior KOS Magistrate/Senior Diplomat

Looking to join CVA?

Please email Rush Heitus for details on how to apply for membership.

Looking for TheCitadel access [Intel Channel Access]?

Evemail ONE of the following: Please allow a week or so for processing. Do not convo about access. Send mail first.

Wildcard Trek, Max Sneak, Moebeus

KOS Admins:

Those wanting removal from KOS can EVE MAIL one of the following people for processes/talks

EU Timezone: entroncas, Felton Fundenberger, Gengis Kan, Rorin Cutter, xHjfx

US Timezone: RattlerUND

AU Timezone: Condor Amarr

All other/urgent diplomatic matters? Please join the channel “CVA-DIPLO”.

Website/KOS Checker issues/Communications: Evemail xHjfx