Guide / FAQ

A guide to the ‘Deliverance Region’ including Amarrian Providence

There are a number of key points which neutrals entering Providence and the Deliverance area should remember:


Providence operates on a NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) system. That means neutrals can operate in our area and not be shot by either the space holding alliances or by other neutrals. We do however recommend that all ‘neutrals’ who wish to enter Providence to take advantage of its multiple pleasures should contact a CVA diplomat to ensure that they are not on the CVA KOS list.

The CVA KOS list is a huge beast which has existed for almost 5 years. Anyone who has shot at CVA or other residents of Providence get added to the list and never get removed unless a diplomatic approach is made and repentance made (and sometimes reparations paid). The CVA KOS list is quite extensive and includes most of the other 0.0 alliances as they operate under NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) principles which are outlawed in Providence. Basically

It is important that ‘neutrals’ entering Providence do check their status before they enter Providence because CVA adds entire corporations and alliances to the KOS list due to the infringements of individual members. The other factor to remember is the ‘age’ of the list – some individuals corporations and alliances who enter Providence may be KOS for transgressions they have long since forgotten and may not be aware that they are KOS.

While the CVA does sometimes contact corporation/alliance leadership to inform them that they have become KOS to us, we do not have the diplomatic capacity to do this on a regular basis. It is therefore the responsibility of anyone who wishes to operate in Providence to check their own status before they arrive. As we do not impose charges or ‘rent’ on people using our space – and also provide an element of protection and other services – we think this is pretty fair deal.

2) Help us to help you

While the CVA and our allies in Providence – such as Apocalypse Now, Care Factor, S3verance, The Fourth District, TSOE Consortium, Yulai Federation and many other friendly individuals, corporations and alliances – do our utmost to keep the space clear of raiders we can never provide 100% guarantee of safety in our space. Unlike most of 0.0 neutrals in Providence do enjoy a lot of security however they do still need to pay attention to their local environment and the warnings that are posted in various local ‘intel’ channels.

The CVA and friends cannot be everywhere at once and we therefore encourage local neutrals to play an active role in their own defence. This makes the regions safer for all of us and allows CVA to concentrate on more serious threats and larger raids.

3) Standings

With a few exceptions the CVA generally does not set neutral corporations/alliances blue. As we operate NRDS there is no point coming to us and asking for ‘blue’ standings. If you are neutral we will leave you alone.

4) Intel channels

There are various intel channels operating in the CVA’s Deliverance region covering Lower-Domain & Derelik low-sec and also Providence. Access to these channels will be granted to neutrals after they have spent some ‘well-behaved’ time in the region. These channel are purely reserved for reporting hostiles. They are not to be used for general chat. In general these channels work well and the majority of reds who enter our space are reported swiftly. Please pay attention to them and don’t give hostiles cheap kills. It is also important that you contribute if hostiles enter your system. If you can safely provide shiptypes in addition to numbers then so much the better.

We KNOW that these channel are infiltrated by hostiles so NEVER use these channels for the formation of gangs or reporting ‘friendly’ gang movements. The CVA reserves the right to remove access from anyone who abuses their access.

If you have been attacked and need help then ensure that you report this accurately. We need to know the numbers of attackers, their ships (if possible) and the EXACT location of the fight. That means Planet/Belt number. The CVA will not (nor does it expect others) rush to your aid if the intel provided is lacking as in many cases that simply provides the hostiles with more kills.

And remember it is not possible for any space holding alliance to be everywhere at once. If you do get ganked by a random pirate or roving raid do not blame CVA or our allies for not protecting you when in 95% of EVE 0.0 the space holding alliance would be trying to gank you themselves – rather than letting you mine/NPC and trade to your hearts content!

5) Don’t be an idiot

While the CVA and friends generally welcome all pilots who obey our NRDS rules to Providence we do reserve the right to KOS people who act like complete twats in our space. This is a rarely used sanction but the following behaviours can result in KOS in Providence:

  • Can flipping
  • Scamming or exploiting
  • Constant local smack (against other neutrals or our enemies)
  • Consistently stirring trouble between other residents
  • Generally behaving like an idiot on a regular basis
  • Disrespecting the Amarr Empire (the CVA is an Amarrian roleplay alliance so do not expect us to look favourably on people who consistently abuse their freedom to use of our space to verbally attack the Amarrian Empire)
  • Declaring War
  • Placing Bounties

Fortunately these sanctions are only occasionally applied – but don’t try and test us!

6) Friendly fire

While the CVA and friends do seek to avoid shooting neutrals occasionally friendly fire does occur – particularly during combat situations where hostiles ‘posing’ as neutrals may be present. We (or our allies) normally issue compensation to any neutral pilots killed in error and often mediate disputes between other residents.

However this ‘compensation’ does not apply if we have already instructed the ‘neutral’ to leave the scene of battle. Many hostiles do use neutral alts to watch fleets. We normally give these ‘neutrals’ one warning to leave the area (on the assumption that they could really be innocent neutrals). However if such warnings are not followed then we will consider them a legitimate target.

We would also like to state that simply being a member of one of the NPC corps does not guarantee safety in Providence as we will take past associations/behaviour into account. Once again we advise that you contact a CVA diplomat if you want to confirm your KOS status one way or the other.

In addition, where you are an individual (or member of a corp/alliance) which has just negotiated to come off the CVA KOS list we suggest that you do not operate in Providence or the Deliverance area for at least 24 hours and would even suggest that you avoid the area for up to 48 hours after the agreement. The reason for this is that the news of the change in standings needs to trickle down to all the other friendly alliances/neutrals operating in the area (so they can change their own standings) and this process is not always instantaneous. We cannot accept responsibility or offer compensation for ‘friendly fire’ incidents within that time period.

7) Contacting CVA

If you would like to confirm your KOS status or find out who to contact regarding access to Providence intel channels then join the channel ‘CVA-Diplo’ and read the Message of the Day (MOTD). Once your enquiry has been answered please leave the channel. Please bear in mind that our diplomats are busy people who are also trying to have fun playing this game of internet spaceships. In general they respond quickly but occasionally you may have to wait. Patience as we all know is an Amarrian virtue!

8) Forums & Local

If, as sometimes happens, an accident does occurs and you are wrongly attacked by either CVA or other residents of Providence DO NOT run to the EVE-O (or any other) forums to attack CVA or our system. That is a sure way of ending on the KOS list permanently and does not help get the issue resolved. Instead contact one of our diplomats and the incident will be investigated fairly – and, if necessary, compensation paid. If you are still unhappy with the outcome then feel free to attack us publicly – we will of course put our side of the story!

Many neutrals who come to Providence and enjoy our open space become quite attached to the area and its protectors, sometimes to the point where they will start smacking CVA’s enemies either in local or on public forums. The CVA does not approve of this. Our own members are not banned from using public forums however, apart from certain diplomats, they are encouraged not to do so and they are in particular encouraged to not smack or abuse our enemies. Smack talking/posting of CVA enemies does not help build stronger relations with CVA and if persistently engaged in can lead to you being classified as KOS under our ‘Don’t be an idiot’ rules above.

9) More informations

We would highly recommend that anyone wishing to operate in The Deliverance area should visit the following website first: then the ingame channel ‘CVA-Diplo’ and read the MOTD. Posted below is a FAQ answering some of the common questions about ‘Deliverance’, CVA and Amarrian Providence. Some of this is covered above but you may find it of use:

Deliverance Region FAQ

What area does it cover?

Low sec Domain, primarily Gemodi and Kheram down to and including Amarrian Providence. Has also been extended to low-sec Derelick, where we are attempting to build the same kind of intel networks and cooperation with law abiding corps as we have done in low-sec Domain and Providence.

Who can enter this area?

Anyone who does not take part in piracy. CVA defines piracy as anyone who does not respect NRDS (not red don’t shoot) in the Deliverance area and who actively hunts CVA, our allies and neutrals in the area.

Why don’t we shoot Alts/Noobs?

Because the area is open to all non-pirates. Some noob characters can be spies for enemies. Similarly some pirates do hide in NPC corps for protection. If you are suspicious about an obvious alt or noob character hanging round a gate or following your fleet then politely request them to move on. Give them a bit of time to respond (5 mins or so). If they do not respond and persist in following your around then you can kill them. Also CVA consider that anyone in an NPC corp, whose last player corp was a red corp, to still be red – unless they make an effort to contact CVA diplomats to clarify their intentions.

So if someone shoots I can’t shoot back?

Yes you can defend yourself but you may be asked to prove that you did not shoot first.

So I have to wait for someone to shoot me first?

Absolutely, the reason the area is popular is because pilots can hunt or mine in some confidence. i.e. not worrying about every other player in the system.

Doesn’t that just make it perfect for pirates?

You’d think so wouldn’t you? Occasionally, pirates do camp out in the area but they rarely stay long. CVA polices the area well and the communications network is there to be used.

So how do I know who’s bad and who isn’t?

First, if you don’t know their status, get safe. After you are safe, check the KOS list (see below). If you can’t find them on the list, then ask in an intel channel. Many pirates will be rather obvious from their BIO, sec status, corporate information, etc., but you can’t rely on this. It is a transgression of our policy to shoot someone because they “looked” like a pirate so it is better to be sure.

You mentioned a KOS list, What’s that?

CVA has a KOS (Kill on Sight) list that is available at This list can only be viewed using the in-game browser. If you can’t access it, then contact a CVA diplomat.

You must check using the following order Pilot > Alliance > Corporation. If a Corporation is KOS and Alliance isn’t please file a KOS request for the Alliance with proof and consider them KOS. If Pilot is KOS remains so even if Corp or Alliance aren’t.

That’s a list I don’t want to be on!

Honest, law abiding citizens have nothing to fear but anyone carrying out acts of piracy or terrorism will be placed on the KOS list along with their corp, unless recompense is made to the victim/s. Supporting piracy will also get you on the KOS list and this includes paying ransoms!

I got to remember names of corps and players?

It helps but CEOs should regularly set corp standings based on the KOS list as this will help even if a corpy hasn’t come across a pilot before.

Cool, So if I see a known hostile should I say something in the intel channel?

Yes, but please also add where in the system you saw them and the ship they were in. Please not to ask about every ship you see though, use your common sense. This clutters up the channel and may prevent you from being saved!

But this is 0.0, I can do what I want?

Try that in another alliance controlled space region. Most alliances have a NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy and becoming blue can cost you. This is CVA space and they treat it as an extension of Amarr territory. If you don’t like their conditions you don’t have to stay. HED-GP is only a few jumps away if you desperately need to shoot something.

So what’s CVA’s official word on this?

The CVA was one of the first alliances founded by pod pilots in the EVE universe as a meeting point for Amarrian Corps interested in the defence of the Holy Amarr Empire from the incursions of terrorists and pirates. Under the auspices of ‘Operation Deliverance’ the CVA and its friends and allies have been securing and bringing new prosperity to the Southern regions of the Amarr Empire bordering Providence which historically were under the control of lawless pirates. These areas are now ‘reasonably’ safe for business and thriving economically – bringing new funds to the Amarrian exchequer.

To dissuade further attacks on the Amarr Empire the CVA is also patrolling the Providence in an attempt to stop pirates using the area as a base to attack Amarr shipping. It is the ultimate goal of the CVA that these 0.0 systems are reclaimed for Amarr and granted Empire status. The CVA welcomes all honest businessmen to travel and trade in these areas. Indeed, many non CVA corporations have already moved to the region since ‘Operation Deliverance’ began.

Corporations who agree to operate peacefully in the region can do so without problem and can travel, hunt or mine. Anyone considering constructing a POS in CVA patrolled space should discuss this with CVA diplomats in advance.

The CVA acts as a mechanic for likeminded Amarrian Corps to share intelligence, trade (on favourable terms), conduct joint deepspace mining ops and generally make friends and work with other loyal Amarrians. The CVA maintains close links and favourable trading terms with Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE) and other corporations that focus on tackling the Minmatar terrorist issue.

The CVA will consider applications from corporations with a demonstrable pro-Amarr and anti-pirate heritage although the acceptance process is long (usually over six months) and requires demonstrable commitment to our pro-Amarrian, anti-piracy, anti-terrorist cause. Membership of the CVA does not impinge on the sovereignity and ability of the various member Corps to make their own decisions and choices. Any and all military help provided to other members is provided voluntarily!

ROLF! Help! I’m under attack!!!111110ne

First thing, breathe. Try to relax and make a split decision. Can I handle this myself or do I need help? If someone is available to help they will need to know
1) what system you are in?
2) where in that system you are e.g. belt 3-IV?
3) who is attacking you?
And finally…
4) what the hostile is in.

This is a good example:

Tobiron> Help. R3. Belt 9-V. Aralis. Domi.

This is a bad example:

Tobiron> WTF! Help loads of pirates killing me. I’m losing shield, armor, structure…. Podded.
Tobiron> Where the F… were you???

I like it here so much, my corp is going to put up a POS/Citadel!

This is not unreasonable but permission must be sought from CVA leadership and is usually given to Corps that have proven trustworthy and have contributed to anti piracy activities. Putting a POS up in CVA territory with out permission will lead to EXTREME diplomacy, which is fun for the dread pilots but not so much for the corp that invested the time and isk in putting up the POS.

Hey can someone cover Misaba gate in R3? I have a shed load of BPOs, Megacyte and Faction kit I need bringing through in my Bestower?

If you can’t see that this kind of message, in anything other than a truely secure chat window, is asking for trouble then you deserve to lose the lot. Our intel channels do have opportunist hostiles in them so only use the channels for reporting HOSTILE movements. Do not for example report cynos unless you are 100% confident that the cyno was a hostile one!