Region policies

Capital Ratting

Carriers are permitted for the purposes of ratting and PVE in Providence.

Dreadnoughts, Supercarriers and Titan ratting or PVE activities are not permitted, violators of this rule maybe subject to KOS.

Structure deployments

The recent release of structures by the Upwell Consortium has led to some questions as to their status in Providence.

Structures may only be deployed with permissions from a systems sovereignty holder:

  • L and XL structures may only be deployed by Providence holders in systems they maintain
  • M class Citadels may only be deployed with permission so please contact the sov holder of that system
    • You can view Dotlan – for an overview on who is managing what in the region.

If you are unaware of who to talk to join cva-diplo ingame channel and ask ahead of time.

Please note: Any unauthorized structure deployments will be removed by force if need be, this may also lead to you being set KOS.