Applying for standings

CVA recognizes entities that contribute to the stability and safety of the region through standings.

In order to be considered for blue standings to CVA, you should meet the following criteria:

  • You must actively live/operate in Providence
  • Have a sizeable portion of your organization active (1 player with an alt PVPing for your 500 man alliance isn’t going to cut it)
  • Actively contribute to the defense of the entire region and be able to prove this (Presenting a killboard would be helpful)
  • Prove and maintain your corporate/alliance security procedures with regards to recruitment/existing membership
  • Your corporation/alliance is over 6 months old

Please note: these are a minimum before your application will be assessed and not a guarantee of standings

If you meet the above criteria, you will be expected to:

  • Attend CTA fleets to combat hostile threats to the region
  • Uphold NRDS within Providence and Amarrian space
  • Abide by the KOS list/rules and act with honour – No scamming, extortion, piracy
  • Resolve any issues with your membership promptly

Failure to abide by these criteria will result in standings removal.

Minimum criteria for applying

  • A minimum of 200 kills consecutively over a sustained 4 month period
  • Over 8 pilots (non-alts) regularly participating in PVP activites
  • If you live in a pocket, pocket defense of your home pocket does not count towards these numbers – you are expected to assist defending the region, not just where you live.
  • Minimum of 6 months residency in Providence
  • Additional notes:

    • If you have left a blue alliance or corporation in order to form your own – you are not entitled automatically to blue status and are expected to prove your new organizations commitment to the area.
    • Standings with other alliances may help your application but will not guarantee standings with us.
    • Your alliances/corporations suitability is being assessed, producing tools that utilize CVA APIs will not entitle you to standings
    • Do not send weekly mails, if you have been told not to re-apply for standings for a period of time – do not re-apply until that time as spamming standings requests may result in us ignoring future requests.
      The time period is to allow us to assess your alliance or corporations activities in the area.

    Ready to apply?

    EVE-Mail xHjfx and Leo D’Green ingame and your application will be processed and a response sent with the outcome.

    Please ensure you include justification on why we should grant you standings.